First Try

Hello, this is my first time writing in, since my previous blog at encountered some major problem, so i alter my blog here. I’ll try to write here as frequent as i can, so be sure to checked it often. And please leave a comment every time you visit here, so i know that someone read my writings.

Let’s get started with some warming-up. Today, ia watched the movie ‘Hancock’ with my friends. Quite a nice film, funny, and touching at the same time. The biggest question that crossed my mind after leaving the theater is, “If to save your love you have to let him/her go and forget him/her, would you do it?” Just like hancock did, he let go of Mary  to save her live, and let her undergo a happy life with Ray.  Is this what we call love? For me, yes. Loving someone means make her happy, eventhough we’re not  include in that happiness. So, love is not always come in relationships status, sometimes love comes in a ‘meaner’ way. But, like many people said, ‘Love is a sacrifice’…..


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