The Story so Far…..

Ciao…berdasarkan tanggal terakhir di site ini, udah dua bulan lebih sejak terakhir saya mempublikasikan karya berjudul boys don’t cry. Apa saja yang terjadi selama kurun waktu tersebut?…well, this is it, kepiting saus tiram ala chef Farah Quinn..(salah acara bodoh!!!!!)

In this past two months, i’ve undergone many important moments and events.  First thing was the completition of my thesis (they call it “skripsi” ( in this country). After a long and winding year that took all my body and soul, i ended up with a 132 pages comprise of international realtions theory and concepts, European Union history and background, and of course, my blabbering about all of them.hahaha
The next big thing is “THE THESIS EXAMINATION”!!!!!!!..My, it was one of the most dangerous,hillarious, expensive, crucifying, tormenting, (okay, i’m just exaggerating) events i’ve ever been…In this exam, i have to faced, 2 examinator with various questions…and long story short, i managed to answered all of it…barely…and i got an A for it…Thank God…
Coming after the examination was of course the Graduation Day…woooo hooooo…yeaaaaahhhhh…after 4 years of not so very hard work…4 years of tear and joy…4 years of my youth….i finally obtained my bachelor degree….it was really ashtonishing yet sad….i kind of miss my college time now…..
so now here i am at 12th September 2010…a (not too) fresh graduate in International Relations studies. I quite enjoy this status quo…not having to do anymore task, go to campus, or pull an all-nighter typing..and the most recent event was my participation in the selection of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs… I’ve done the first two of four phase needed to be accepted..Just send me your prayer ok?…

Oh iya, masih ada kaitan sama post berjudul blue samurai mengenai warna kesukaan di bawah sana…map yang digunakan untuk mendaftar di tes CPNS Deplu haruslah map berwarna biru..semoga jadi pertanda baik ya…

Quote hari ini: “Time does fly by…fortunately, we are the pilot”

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