I love mythology…why? because i like imagining things, and mythology gives me infinite possibilities in doing it. I started to love mythology because i am a gamer. If you play hundreds of games just like i did, you’ll eventually found some names that comes up several times, such as Kusanagi sword, Shield of Aegis, Thor’s Hammer, and many more. My curiosity back then led me to discover that these names are based on ‘true” myth. Not only then, even games have introduce me to some terms in various religion, such as Jehovah, Sepiroth, Zarathustra, etc..See, playing games really make some man smarter..hahaha

So, today i’m gonna share some of my knowledge (when i said my knowledge, it means the archive stored in my brainware, so if there aresome inaccuracy, plese bear with it) about Norse Myth. Norse is a nation that originally inhabited North Europe, though they are said to be an explorer tribe,  so they travel a lot. They are the ancestor of the Norwegian (you know, the Viking). The Norse has indeed a very interesting myth, that i remember well. so here we go, i’m sure you have heard some of the terms below, and maybe you’ll be shocked to death after understand the meaning behind it (i’m so exaggerating)

1.Norse: I’ve explained it before

2.Asgard: The realm of god, the place where many Norse’s God spend their daily life (wait, do they have a daily life?…) It is associated with heaven..In asgard, there’s a big hall called Valhalla, the place where Odin resides.

3. Midgard: Human world, the world where we it is known as earth

4.Nifleheim: The Underworld, you know, we call it hell nowadays. If hell deeply associated with flame and blaze,the nifleheim i know was covered in snow and ice..

5. Muspleheim or Muspellheim i forgot, it is a land of fire,

6. Belfast: a rainbow bridge that connect asgard and midgard

7.Yggdrasil (read:Igdresil): a massive tree that “born” the gods (yeah, the gods of norse come from this tree, just like a fruit in normal tree)

8. Ragnarok: the end of the world, also described as war of the gods, where the god of asgard fought the inhabitants of nifleheim, destroying the world in the process.. The ragnarok i know was a cyclical events, that happened again and again..(wow, then this world has ended many times)

hmm..that’s about the places i remembered in norse myth, lets move on to thir gods:

1.Odin (yups, just like the Blackberry type) :the father of all gods, whom said to be the one that give birth to all gods, though he doesn’t have a wife based on what i heard. He ruled asgard of course..He have a silver spear called Gungnir, and ride a white hore named Sleipnir

2.Thor:  The God of Thunder, i’m sure you’ve heard of him. He use a hammer called Mjolnir to produce lightning

3.Loki: God of mischief and deceive, all i know, he’s called the trickster, teasing the other gods, tempting, he even made a god died because of his behaviour. That’s why later Odin punish him by tied him into some tree, an have a snake pouring a hot silver liquid to his limb.

4. Heimdal: guardian God of Belfast, he patrol and guarding belfast, selecting those who may pass, and those who may not.

5.Valkyrie: Odin’s servant, whose job is to collect soul of fallen warrior (this fallen warrior are called Einherjar),and bring them to Valhalla, to be used as Asgard’s army in Ragnarok. She has a sacred ring called Nibelungen, as a proof of her status

6.Yurlungur: a giant snake that i forgot what its role was..hahaha

7. Fenrir: a beast that take form of a silver wolf

8.Surt: A giant that control Muspleheim, has a sword call laevantein.


Hmmm..that is all that i can remember about Norse Myth…for now…I’ll se you in another Myth next time..


Quote of the day: “To my side my noble Einherjar.. -Valkyrie-”


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