Paper craft

Good evening dear readers…i hope you all have a good day

I have shared my hobbies in the previous post right?..and as i said, the disadvantage about gundam is their high price, so i can’t buy them as often as i want…T_T

To make up for the lack of  ‘action’ while waiting for another gundam, i altered my energy into a similar yet cheaper activities called paper craft.

Paper craft is the art of crafting paper..(well of course..what the hell am i write?) Paper craft is another branch of paper art, such as origami, paper quilling, paper mosaic, etc. In paper craft, we have to cut and fold an combine paper, from a designated pattern….It’s easier than origami because we only have to follow the instruction, and there’s already a specific picture of the object. But sometimes it’s also really hard, thanks to the microscopic size that we have to cut. and up to now, i already finish four papercraft.

This is the pattern paper

and this is the results

Kamen Rider W

Hina Matsuri

I  can’t find the fourth i hope you satisfied with these…

Quote hari ini: “Better a diamond with a flaw than a pebble without” -Confucius-


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