Back in Action

Long time no see dear Readers…(in fact, we haven’t seen each other at all)…I’m sorry for the long absence, i was struck by a deadly illness in this past week…that if you consider stomach ache deadly…but now, i’m ready to roll out again..and i bring a good news too.

Two days ago, when i turned on the water pump in my storage room, i found my long lost treasure…

This is an action figure from my elementary school time…so, it’s been like 15 years?? That’s equal to 10th grade high schooler….Nevertheless, i’ve never seen this toy since i packed all my toys a long time ago..The condition is still in a quite good shape, not to mention its decaying paint, and some loose joint..also, the weapons and the helmet is missing. This action figure is based from a popular tv series in the 90s, The Winspector, i think most of you that have TV at that time would recognized it already. And here is Ryoma, accompanied by his two robot colleague, combating crime in Japan.

As i mention before, the colour of this figure has been deteriorating, so, nowadays, i’m in the process of repaint it. I’ll let you know when it’s done. (oh, i also broke the left leg as soon as i took it out of the box, so i have to fix that too)


Quote hari ini: ” Search your basement room, for you don’t know the treasure that lies within” 


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