MBF-P05LM Gundam Astray Uchiha Frame

I hope you’re not bored with all of this gundam topic…^_^…Now is a fanfiction from me, about the profile of Gundam Astray Uchiha Frame..

After the Second Bloody Valentine War Rondo Ghina Shahaku, the pilot of the Gundam Astray Mirage Frame, caught in a Battle with his sister Mina and her Astray Gold Frame Amatsu . and lost. After reached the base, Ghina asked the technician of Librarian Works to upgrade his heavily damaged mobile suit. Based on the data of Astray Frame, combined with  Ghina’s inspiration of his favourite manga Character, Uchiha Sasuke from the Naruto Shippuden series, comes the MBF-P05LM Gundam Astray Uchiha Frame

This Mobile Suit is focused primarily on melee attack. There are only two arsenal in this Gundam, the Ame no Habakiri katana, dan the Fuuma Shuriken. Librarian Works dispose of both the A and B Sword from the original Mirage Frame, to increase speed, movement, maneuverability, and evasion. A main customization is the attachment of Phsychoframe, that can be used to jam opponents radar, weapon, movement, and thruster, just as the Uchiha Clan’s Genjutsu. Also utilizing the Mirage Colloid, sneak attack is a specialization of this Gundam, making it a dangerous opponent even for The Red Frame Kai and Blue Frame Second Revise altogether.

Quote hari ini: “I don’t know whether war is an interlude during peace, or peace an interlude during war.” -George Clemencau-


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