TT Hongli Gundam Astraea Review

Okay, i have finished my chinese made Gundam, and i will give you a comparison between Hongli and Bandai. For a reference, i will use pictures from a fellow modeller, who host a very cool and useful site, gunpla-inochi. I hope he doesn’t mind..

Okay, lets start… first, the unboxing…here is what you get from Bandai:

And this was what i got:

If you see it from here, they’re very similar aren’t they, but let me assure you, they’re not. First of all, the material quality of Hongli is maybe just about 70% from that of Bandai. Bandai’s plastic is sturdier, and has a more solid feeling when you touch it. The colour of hongli is also a concern, it’s a bit shady, less bright, and you don’t want it without paint, because it’ll make your gundam look cheap. The main biggest concern is absolutely the composition and ¬†attachment of the runner and parts. To cut the parts form the runner is already a tricky task, for some parts are really, and i mean really close, and even “unite” with the parts, like this:

That is the handle of the beam saber, and you’ll find some more parts, that’s constructed such as these, so you have to be quite good with your cutting tool, if you are on hongli business… Next, most beam parts are bigger then the hole, so it just won’t fit. That makes the assembling process three times harder than that of Bandai. If Bandai use the snap-fit method, than for Hongli, it’s more like snap-adjust the size-fit. There also an excess plastic in MANY parts, which is a little bit disturbing. Have i mentioned that the beams are bigger than the hole almost ALL the time ??

And now, for the comparison of the assembled Part. This is the body part by Gunpla-inochi:

And the Hongli counterparts:

Next, the arms:

The Legs:

And the completed Astraea Type F:

See, rather than Red, Hongli looked more like a deep pink or light maroon. And i forget to mention the foil sticker, never, and NEVER apply any hongli’s foil Stickers, it’s sucks…too bad there is no decal in this kit, so i can’t give any comment.


Conclusion: With half the price, Hongli plamo really “live up” to it’s expectation. Bandai exceed in everything. I’m not recommend Hongli to you, but if you’re low on budget (like me), planning to paint your plamo (staright build is a hell no for Hongli), and willing to go extra mile in adjusting and assembling all the parts, than Hongli is a preferable options for you. I’m quite satisfied myself with this Astraea, consider it’s price. And this is not gonna be my last Hong li i think… So, what will my astraea become? Just you wait..heheheheh

Quote hari ini: “The con can’t defeat the real


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