Gravure Idol

Woow, it took me quite some time to write again…, as i promised some days earlier, here is my post on GRAVURE IDOL!!!!!! yeaaaaaayyyyyy!!!! As usual, this post is based on my knowledge and experience, if you’re want to know deeper into the bottomles pit of the infinite idol world, try googling it some more..hehehehe

Gravure idol, generally speaking, is a term used for model (espesially photo model), who specialized in sexy pose and sexy outfit. Their main aim is to tingle your curiosity of what’s unseen, than arouse you through what’s exposed. These idol have a slight yet main difference with AV (adult Video) Idol, where these gravure beauties don’t do nude photoshoot, (though there’s some idol who did it in a rare photobook), and they don’t do porn movies. Becuse of this, many gravure idol also took roles in dorama, movie, tokusatsu, and other ‘normal show’, such as Mikie Hara or Yuriko Shiratori. A picture can expalin better than my mumbling, so lets continue…

For me, i have categorized Gravure Idol into three classification.

First is the soft Gravure. This category didn’t have a voluptuousness as another gravure, but their cute (sometimes supercute) face and sweet presence, really make up for it. In fact, their cuteness is their main weapon, that’s why their basic out fit is ‘everyday clothing’. Instead of sexual desire, these model will attract your care and tender feelings..These are the girls that you’ll dream to be your girlfriend… In this category, resides my favourite Idol, Nozomi Sasaki:

My super duper extremely over the boundaries cute Nochan

Stop, enough for nozomi, i can’t control myself uploading these pictures, and this is only 10% of my collection….

The other idol in this category is Rola Chen:

Now, the second category,i called it the Sexy Gravure, consist of idol who knows how to utilize their boobs, thigh, butt, and other body part as they see fit. You’ll see many bikini, cleavage, and exposing clothing on this group. For example, there’s Saki Seto:

My second favourite Idol, Reon Kadena, can also categorized in this group:

Or Asami Tada:

Yukie Kawamura:

Ayumi Kinoshita:

and many more…

Last, but definitely not least, is the Daredevil Gravure…those who belong in this category are the front liner of the gravure idol..they’re pictured to make you aroused some seconds after you take a look at their gorgeous racks…Big boobs and minimal cloth is their regular costume…the most well known gravure idol in Indonesia, Leah Dizon, is the dweller of this group:

There’s also Yoko Matsugane:

Ourei Harada:

and many many many more…..just as i said, idol world is an infinite bottomless abyss…for more gallery and picture of gravure and AV idol, just visit, he have outrageous collection of them….long live Gravure!!!!!!!!

Quote hari ini: “beauty is as far as skin goes…attitude goes through your bone” -The Swan-


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