Another Gravure

Just as we (me and the wordpress’ statistic officer) predicted, only two days after it’s published, the ‘Gravure Idol’ post have ranked 2nd in term of views, transcended all my previous posts, but Keleey Hazell (the queen reigns is not over yet)…

So, to quench your thirst of these hot, wet, cute, beautiful, sexy ladies, let me present some more image of Japanese gravure Idol, and some image of Korean gravure girls and also Chinese beauty..this is a special edition my friend, please don’t miss it

Eri Otoguro

Still Eri Otoguro

another Eri

You can’t have enough of Eri

Haruna Yabuki

Hwang Mi Hee, Korean Beauty

Im Ji Hye….love her…

Zhang Xinyu, another out of this world beauty

I Really fall for this girl…

fiuuh……a soft medium gravure for all of you….now, for a small tribute to our Queen, Keeley Hazell:

hmmm..i’m quite pervert aren’t i?……

Quote hari ini: “For human, there won’t be enough of anything”


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