Mid Year Gift??

It’s already near the Idul Fitri…and Idul fitri, just like Christmas, means presents and parents generosity. My birthday is coming too…so, if my sister or my parents decide to give me a present (though its unlikely i guess..hahaha), i will choose a gundam of course…but, i am confused which gundam should i pick…maybe you can help me?…

1. Sinanju : One of the best Master Grade out there…people say that ‘you can’t go wrong with Sinanju’….

2. Unicorn Gundam: Another one of the best master grade out there…it can transform into unicorn mode, and destroy mode

3. Strike Noir: I like the design of this Gundam, especially his handgun…

4. Psycho Gundam: Though it’s more simple in terms of design, this gundam is gigantic…it’s twice bigger than three other kits above…i like big robots..

So, which one do you prefer? Which one caught your attention more than the other? You don’t have to be a gundam lover…you can choose judging from appearance, colour, or other factors…Please take your time to choose one of them by clicking the poll below…it won’t take more than 5 seconds…I thank you for your time..^_^


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