22nd July…..it’s been exactly one year since that day….


time does fly by when we have fun….this past 1 year was exciting…well of course there’s up and down…but i enjoyed it most of the time…. I’ve applied to some companies, refused by some of them, and refuse some of them too..hehe…finally decided to stop applying and try the foreign ministry exam…

I also start my gunpla hobby this year…..i spent most of my days sleeping…or playing playstation…before she went berserk 3 months ago..T_T…now it’s gunpla most of the time…

Well, we will gain good thing only through losing another…I actually love my unemployment activity..but hey, there’re dream waiting to be realized…and it can’t be achieved by relaxing like this…..so, let’s hope that this will be my last ‘holiday’ year…i can’t wait to start the life of a grown up man..(though i don’t think that i will ever grow up…mentally speaking..hehehe)


Quote hari ini: “We’ve been gaining one good thing through losing another”


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