My Constructivist Guru

When you don’t have any idea or story to be written in wordpress, they’ll be giving you a broad range of ‘theme’ to ignite your mind on writing something…There’ll be a set of questions you can choose, and for today, i have chosen to answer ‘who is your most influencing author?”

Then my answer definitely is “Dan Brown”…………

see, it’s simple actually to really maintaining the ‘postaday2011’ campaign..hahahaha..thank you wordpress!!

As for the reason, Dan Drown is the author that can answer some of my ‘serious’ questions in life…particularly pertaining God, Religion, Men and women, and many more..I read “The lost symbol’ first, and it was such an amazing experience…if you haven’t read, i strongly recommended you to do so…After that, I read the “Da vinci Code’, and can fully understand it, rather than just watching the movie…I really like the way he wrote the various fact and explanation, coated in a humorous conversation..though the story line is kinda similar one another, but it was the historical fact, background, and myth that really blow me away…It is controversial for the majority of people in the world, considering Dan browns work were circling around faith, belief, religion, and centuries social construction…but i stand right beside him..hehe

Quote hari ini: “Googling isn’t the synonym of research” -Robert Langdon-


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