Astraea Type IM

Oh My, I’ve been neglecting my precious blog for more than a week…lazy me…and it’s close to fasting break (buka puasa) (maybe) now…so, lemme just give you a quick post about my second Gundam, the GNY-001IM, Gundam Astraea Type IM

Overall, i’m quite satisfied with the results..No means to boast myself, but i feel that i’ve been better on building gundam…I’ve learned some new technique on weathering, panel lining, and battle damaging…

And here are some comments i got from a gundam forum:

Next build will be my practice for panel line scribing, major modification, paint separation, and many more…using this kit:

I think i really need to get a profession now, before this hobby become my job..hehe…better yet, i want building gundam or playing games to be my carrier….to be paid for doing that..would be a dream come true for me….


Quote hari ini: “Choose a job that you love, then you don’t have to work a single day in your life” -Sun Tzu-


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