Transformers and US’ Showcase

So, yesterday i went to the cinema, and watched one of the most anticipated movie this summer, Transformer: Dark of The Moon. Before we go to the ‘International Relations’ part, lets take our time to briefly review the movie itself first.

For a third sequel, i gave this 7 out of 10. It’s still have all the amazing elements of a movie, unfortunately we’ve seen it already in it’s two predecessor, so there’s no element of surprise anymore. Seriously, this is just same repeatable story with different robots. After three years, there’s really no improvement in here, story wise. We have an important item, which will bring us doom, if fall to Decepticon’s hand. In the first movie there’s the Cube or Allspark, the second movie has the Matrix of Leadership, and now we got the ‘Pillars’..and that’s that…

The second thing i want to speak of, is the inconsistency of ‘human role’ in this movie. In many part of the film, you’ll see human as no more than insects in front of  Cybertronian, the US army was nothing but bugging hornet. But, later in the scene, Sam managed to kill Starscream, Megatron can’t managed to pinched Carly, and Soundwave was destroyed by a bunch of M-16 and some grenade launceher?WTF?? This is what happened when you try to insert Human role in a used to be Robot Only saga….there’s just too many paradox..not to mention that Autobots was intended to protect humankind, but they killed and destroyed just as much as the Decepticon did in the process…

Next will be the main highlight of the movie….that’s right, it’s the replacement of the iconic Megan Fox, by Rosie Huntington Whiteley..Many people still vote for Fox as the main heroine..but i have different opinion. Physically speaking, there aren’t anything to compare between these ladies. Both of them are freaking HOT!! I mean like, super HOT…But, Rosie’s British accent has taken her further into the Sexy and Elegance department, and deeper into my heart :p, rather than Fox automotive knowledge..well, maybe that’s just me..but i still think that this is a perfect replacement..

Now..for some serious part…

It has came to my senses, that most animation adapted movie, were being used as US showcase, particularly on weapon development, or military prowess on a broader term. It’s almost ridiculous of how many times you’ll see the Star Spangled banner made appearance in the scenes.. Just like when they appear in Spiderman, or Iron Man, Or Superman, or many more…

They’ll always display US latest military technology in these movies, along with its lethal demonstration. Maybe you still remember the ‘corner gun’ used in RED and Wanted

Yups, it’s the gun where you can aim and shoot through a corner, without being exposed to the enemy. Its also comprised of Camera, screen, night vision, and a thermal lens…

And yesterday in Transformer, for the first time i saw the ‘squirrel suit’? That the NEST used to maneuvering around building , that’ll be a perfect tools to do a surprise attack on a hostile countries urban environment.

If you just pay more attention in another movie, you’ll see these similarities of technology show off, if not on military terms, it’ll be on IT realms…

Next element, which is a bit amusing, is where they also try to construct justification in their military intervention, by providing scene where autobots attack a middle east region, which also happened in the first two movies. And maybe you still remember who kidnapped Tony Stark on Iron Man? and which region did he attack on his first mission as Iron man? Yups, it’s always and always will be Middle East…..

Audience will surely get the message, that the only thing that can maintain peace in the world, is to have an invincible military force, and send them right away to eliminate any other military or insurgencies, or rebellion, worldwide. Just like as Tony Stark said, ‘we have successfully privatized world peace’. When the other countries are no match for US, then the’ll be too affraid to attack, hence, world peace is created. This is what we called as ‘mutual assured destruction’, though the US doesn’t seem to be influenced by this.

This movie is the reaction to the crumbling US unipolariry. The military superpower gained by US post Cold War has met its equal competitor nowadays, mainly coming from the EU and China, bringing this world to a more multipolar and regionally based competition. Worse, US realized that they’re walking towards  demise, seeing how the earth’s important mineral are gradually diminish, and China is the only one that can still produce it in the near future…and they refused to export it…That’s why they’re still trying to demonstrate their advances globally in a safer way, through their movies,to construct the and insert US’ might into our mind…But, unless Optimus Prime really decides to help US government, or NSA successfully made a contract with Tony Stark, US military as well as global superiority downfall  is a matter of time…


Quote hari ini: “If you want peace, be prepared for war” –Anthony Giddens


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