Middle P(ea)ce(st)

Yes, i don’t think that there’s no such vocabulary as peacest…i’m just trying to combine peace and east, but no dictionary approved word emerge…

So, in the last few days, one of the main issue of international relations is the proposal of Palestine to the United Nations, pertaining their status, in which they wish go through an elevation to a permanent member..in other words, they’re globally acknowledge as a sovereign and legitimate country.

And as you already know, today the Security Council conducting a meeting concerning the issue, what will the outcome be?

The long running dispute, or i would say conflict, or it’s also acceptable to call it war, between Israel and Palestine, is an Achilles Heel in the middle eastern conflict…as long as it remained unsolved, you can say good bye to the word ‘Peace’..

And since i’m a Real Constructivist (it’s a fusion of theoretical branch in International Relations study,  combining realism and constructivism, which is my creation) i’m gonna tell my standing based on what’s happening, instead of what should be happening, hence i have to say that the Palestinian bid to be a permanent member of the UN is unlikely to be approved, and even though some drastic event happened and they do approve it, there won’t be any significant impact on the core problem itself..

Palestine status as a ‘non-country’ existence is definitely a disadvantage in various talks or agreement with Israel, but obtaining a sovereign status won’t help much either.. Why is that? hmm..let me tell you tomorrow, i’ts already 930 pm, and my handsome cell needs to regenerate…


Quote hari ini: “Right or wrong, it’s my country” -i forget the author’


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