Comeback Stage

It’s been a while since we last saw an update from our hero’s journey in the Gabichon. The main reason for the hiatus was that he fully occupied with his side quest to revived his first model Kit, the NG 1/100 MBF-pO5LM Gundam Astray Mirage Frame (yes, he didn’t spent his time wisely, to look for a JOB for instance).

But, he’s quite satisfied with the results anyway. Thanks to this build, his modelling (not a catwalk model, but a model kit modelling) skill has increased. First, let’s take a look at the transformation of the kit itself.

This is how a 1/100 Mirage Frame appeared out of the box:

He realized that there aren’t many review about this kit, so let him take the initiative. “This kit have the pseudo inner frame similar to the red frame and his companion, thus it’ll have all the flexibility and poseability like it’s predecessor, just like your newer NG. This is basically a Red Frame, painted in a different colour scheme, and some extra parts and armament. Hence, you still can build a red frame (given you have the willingness to paint it later) from this kit. Why i encourage you to get this kit instead of red frame is you’ll get extra armaments, such as the A sword, B sword, and a cooler head part. One of the main cons about this kit is the ‘kinky’ colour scheme..hehehehe

Continue with the story, a while after this kit stand in his desk, he decided to change the colour scheme that no one else did, then came the Uchiha Frame (some of you may have read it here)

After analyzing it for a few weeks, the kits look a bit flat and lack of awesomeness…so he decided to underwent another paint job that give birth to Astray Enforcer:

and, after a few months, he have made up his mind, that he won’t change the colour scheme of his Bandai kit, except for detailing. So, after a tiring 3 weeks of paint removal and re painting efforts, this is the Mirage Frame as of it now:

and that’s it.This kit will always have a special place, for it’s his first kit that took him deep into the world of Plamo…i’ll see you later in another story from the Gabichon!!

Quote hari ini: Sejauh apapun berenang, Ikan Salmon akan kembali ke asalnya


2 thoughts on “Comeback Stage

    • ardiwardhana says:

      Well, it depends on the gundam original scheme actually, in this case though, i agree with you. Thanks for stopping by..:D

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