Slacking Off

Hello there, long time no see…it’s been a while since i last posted my last post (how’s that sound for a rhyme?) In fact, this is my first time turning on (in electrical term, not the sexual ones) Fuka in a week!! Thanks to Hyun…. For those who got a bit lost in translation, this is Fuka:

Yes, an HP Netbook

And this is Hyun, the highlight of the week, the one that consume 70% of my time this past week (i spent the other 30% to sleep)

A brand new Playstation 3!!! Yes, the promised day has arrived, i Finally got my hands on a PS3, which my sister bought. As a long awaited gizmo, she really live up the expectation. I already finished Homefront, and now working on Battlefield 3, and Dynasty Warrior 7. I can’t wait to get myself a Final Fantasy XIII, Metal Gear 4, Devil May Cry 4, Infamous, and many more, trust me, the list is growing…

There, i’ve kind of “justifed” my long absence in blogging world. if i’m not plaing with Hyun, which i rarely did, i’ll be stuck at doing my entry for the Hobbylink Japan Sci-fi Contest 2012, The Date Masamune Gundam..I’m making a really slow progress thanks to Hyun..T_T

It’s only a few more days until 2012, and despite i joined the ‘post a day 2011’ campaign, my total post this year is nowhere near 365, though it’s much-much better than the previous 3 years combined. I think i’m going to make up for it, and for the last 4 days of 2011, i’ll post more than 1 post in a day, for now, it’s quantity over quality i think, Hahahahahaha…Keep Lurking guys!!


Quote of the day: “Two in harmony, surpass one in perfection”


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