Seiryuu, the Water Dragon

Gong Xi Fat Chai! Happy Lunar New Year all Chinese people! Year of the Dragon it is, my years definitely, based on Chinese zodiac. I do hope i can reign supreme and soar high in the sky this year, just as a dragon does.

Seiryuu the dragon, one of the four major guardian deity in eastern Asia, represent the direction West, the season Spring, and the element water

So, as i have said yesterday, i’ll tell you a bit about me and China. Me and China, are involved in some kind of ‘love hate’ relation. I do hate some part of Chinese culture and even Chinese people, but i won’t laid it here, as it’ll soon become a highly racy post when i do that. In that case, lets talk about some of  my positive traits towards China.

Among all things, Chinese philosophy is one of the best thing i loved. In my opinion, it par that of the ancient Greeks. The Writing of Sun Tzu or Confusius can really take my brain ventures deep in thought, for it’s sheer awesomeness. My favourite is of course ‘Know yourself, and know your Enemy, then you will gain 100 victories out of 100 battles’

Zhuge Liang, another great mind in ancient China during the three kingdoms era

Ah, talk about Three Kingdoms, i really really absorbed into this portion of History. Heck, i think i have more knowledge of the Three Kingdoms, compared to the history of my local kingdom. I don’t know how Sriwijaya destroyed, i don’t know the number of battles Gajah Mada fought, I don’t know who killed who in that era, or who reign the most, i really don’t know much about it. But i have confidence concerning Wei, Wu, And my Favourite Shu. I know that Guanyu was Killed at the battle of Fan Castle thanks to the scheming of Lu Xun and Cao Ren, i know that Zhang Fei roar and defending Chang Ban Bridge by himself, i know that Cao Cao and Yuan Shao fought their decisive battle in Guan Du, and many more. I’m a bit ashamed actually, for not knowing the history of my own country..hehe..but, that’s just how it is..maybe because there aren’t any game publisher that willing to adapt Indonesian Kingdoms era into a video Game..

It's all thanks to these guys

In a matter of philosophy, chinese education system and work ethos are also one to mention. During my elementary Grade, i took an english lesson in a Christian Scholl, which is full of Chinese. And the strict rules are really grow to my liking, it’s in a whole different level compared to the super lazy and slacking Indonesian school. No wonder most of scientific Olympic medal holder from Indonesia are Chinese, and most of the advanced student in information and technology are Chinese. And indonesia also have a talented 8 year old pianist with a great international reputation, which is Chinese, a legendary Shuttle Cock player, which is Chinese, many CEO of huge companies which are Chinese, and many more. This is heavily caused by two thing that i mentioned above, which most Indonesian still lack of.

For food, there’s no doubt, i, and maybe all of you love Chinese Food. Noodle and meat ball are just some among many. no matter where you live, you’ll found chinese food for sure i think. Maybe even polar bear eat it…

What’s more?…ah, of coure, ican love China just for this sole reason, Zhang Xinyu:

Well, that’s about it. China’s have a portion in my heart, though it’s nowhere near my Japanese devotion. I even studied Mandarin for six months, and planning to continue it later..

Quote hari ini: ‘Stretching his hand up to reach the stars, too often man forgets the flowers at his feet. -Jeremy Bentham-


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