Download your Dream

Finally, the HLJ contest has wrapped up, so i can continue my other life aside from being a Gupla Builder…And for a teaser, here is the finished kit that i submitted just a couple minutes before the deadline:

Hehehe, yups, the competition rules stated that i can’t post any picture of my kit,prior to the results, so that’s as far as ican show you. Can you guess what Mobile Suit is that? The Clue is: He just celebrated his 10th anniversary

It always nice to be back writing here after a long pause, since there’s so many idea popped up in my cerebral cell during all the building, and for the opening post, let me tell you a beautiful yet hugely disappointing experienced that happened just two days ago…

Long story short, while was enjoying my nap, i have this amazingly real dream that i was Seo Hyun’s Boyfriend!!!! Most of you probably already know that she’s my favorite SNSD member, as well as imaginary girlfriend..kekekeke

For some of you that do not know who Seo Hyun is, well look at these

Ah, those pure innocent eyes….

Continue with the story, in that dream, looks like i was accompanying  her in one of SNSD Concert, since the dream take place in a hotel, and i also met Tiffany and Taeyeon. I was having some conversation with Hyun, while preparing her costume (now that i see it, i don’t know if i was her boyfriend, or her assistant) .The most distinguished feature of a dream is the ‘virtual  reality feeling’ we did not encounter in normal imagination. I’ve imagined doing many things with Seo Hyun (no, not that pervert imagination, i swear), but none of them compared to this dream. In the dream, the normal conversation with Hyun really pierced through my heart…

But, soon a familiar voice echoed in the hotel, followed by an enormous earthquake, and ZAP! There i was again, half awaken in my bedroom, with my mom telling me to put my motorcycle back in the garage, since it’s already late.

I almost cry at that time, didn.t want to believe that the brief encounter with Hyun is just a dream. I hurriedly put Miyabi (my motorcyle if you remember) back to her place, and rushed back to sleep, hoping that i can continue the dream…..well, it failed. the next dream i have is being chased by a stranger in a shotgun, all around a half empty amusement park..T_T

This is my first time having a dream about Hyun and SNSD, i think it’s happened because earlier that morning, my sister bought me this:

Hhhhhh, if only we can download our preferred dream, and play it back it any time we want…

Quote of the day: “Dreams are illustrations from the book your soul is writing about you.”Marsha Norman-


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