Reconstruction level: Japan!!

Yesterday was 11th March 2012, it’s been exactly one year since the devastating Tsunami that stroke Japan. I’m still remember it clearly, a year ago my mom was really panicked after she had seen the breaking news about the tsunami. She’s yelling to me, “Bamby, there’s a tsunami in japan! Hurry contact your sister, find out her whereabouts!”  Fear was instantly growing since i can’t contact her, but later that bight, she called, and told us that Tokyo wasn’t deeply affected by the tsunami.

The images shown in the media was really horrifying though, building shattered, road split, flood overflowing. But, this is Japan we’re talking about, my second self proclaimed homeland. We’ve survived atomic bombing, we’re not gonna give in to tsunami…so here’s a picture comparison of post Tsunami Japan, now and a year ago, taken at the exact same place (Credit goes to Anonymous)

Ganbatte Nippon!!

Meanwhile in Indonesia, back in 2006, an accident involving a leaked pipe has produced a burst of hot mud in Sidoarjo, East Java. The hot mud has flooded a vast area of Sidoardjo, drowning hundreds of village in its way. This is a glimpse of “Lapindo Hot Mud” in 2006:

And this is hot it looks now, 6 years after the accident:

Yes, those are houses' roof

Almost nothing changed….Just my country…

Quote of the day: “Knock, and a door shall be opened


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