Daily dose

Living as a carnivore, there’s a crucial thing that i have to compensate, mainly due to the lack of vegetables that enter my digestion system. Along the years, i don’t give a damn about this, a ‘hard’ poop (if you know what i mean) has been a routine for me. But, as i grow up, i learned that there are many side effect caused by lack of fiber and other vegetable exclusive properties. So, to make up for that, i consume some healthy product such as:

Its a tablet that contain various vegetables (that’s what they said), which have to be taken 6 pieces a day. It taste quite bad, but rather than crunching real vegetables, i chose to swallow this funny smelling pill. Also Herbalife was the sponsor of LA. Galaxy, so i when i took those pill, i became Beckham…

as the name suggest, that is Liquid Chlorophyll, as in green leaves. Basically it also serves as a substitute for vegetables, but it is complemented by many more positive traits, though i’m not really sure what. You have to mix 1 tablespoon of chlorophyll, and stir it with 300ml water. It tastes like a tooth paste, but who cares


I’m not one of the Cullen family, but i think i have a low blood pressure, so my mom bought me this thrombocyte  boosting pill. Low blood pressure can be nasty, it make you sleepy all day long, give you a gradual dizziness, lack of concentration, and many more…

I guess that’s about all, and i also start to eat a so called healthy product, like this new noodle:

Yes, it comes in green, the taste is so so, but if they said it is healthier than my usual ‘full of wax’ noodle, why don’t we give it a try.


Quote of the day: “In order to gain something, you have to sacrifice something of equal value” -Fullmetal Alchemist-


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