I blame Sony and the Avengers!

Gaaahhhh, i really need to start posting again,now that i have resurrected the used to be drowned writing spirit, there are already several writing materials stored in my neuron too (though i’m not sure if i can recover most of it, kekekeke)

So what’s with the long absence you asked? well, Sony computer entertainment is the one to blame, for creating such a wonderful, addictive, endless fun producing, and massive time consuming machine called Playstation….as of now, i’m so into Final Fantasy XIII which i anticipated for about 3 years, and Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood, a medieval style GTA like game. And just two of this games have cut my connectivity to the outer world, just like old times. And even though i managed to break free from their grip, i was sucked instantly into one of many Facebook games, Marvel Avenger Alliance, a game to promote the new movie of The avenger…so, i amazed that i managed to write this much…hahahahaha..See you later dearest reader!! Here is Black widow for you, one of the avenger, to be aired next month:


brought to life by none other than Scarlett Johansson herself


Quote of the Day: ” Roses are red, violets are blue…i quite like Scarlett, what about you?”


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