TaeTiSeo (TTS) Twinkle Mini Album Review (Pt.1)

April 29th was a big day for me, or maybe for most of you, for it was the day when TaeTiSeo released  their first mini album, titled Twinkle. TaeTiSeo is an SNSD’s sub-unit consist of Taeyeon, Tiffany, and my Hyun (hence this sub unit is a real dream team for me, for Tiffany and Taeyeon are the 2nd and 3rd best member in my list).

Some beginner or noob fans if i may say (sorry if this offend anyone) were having quite a useless fuss. They went by saying ‘oh no, is this the end of SNSD?’ ‘they’re going their separate ways’ ‘SM prepared a future job when they’re not SNSD anymore’ and so on..Well, listen this and listen well guys, sub unit is a common occurrence in Asian entertainment, especially in idol section. Japanese idol has done it numerous time since the beginning of time. For the agency, sub unit is just the means to collect more revenue and milk the fans. and for fans, it means more show and air time for us, which is good!

Leave that aside for now, have you bought the mini album? And for you who have downloaded it instead, please support TTS by also buying the official album from itunes. ^_^..Speaking of iTunes, last time checked, Twinkle was ranked 4th in the US iTunes Chart! no wonder though, this is the three best voice of SNSD we’re talking about. If you’re wondering how the album sounds, i’ll give a brief review about it:

The signature song, Twinkle, is a up beat blues / soul kind of song, with a heavy influence of funk. This is the kind of song that you’ll hear in an urban american club, with a live music in it. This song really showed off TTS singing capability, with deep high note, abundant vibration, a bit screaming here and there, all with a stable pitch. It resembles the way Christina Aguilera sings nowadays i think (minus the vulgar appearance). Just listen to it will make your body move by itself. It’s an effective mood booster for your morning ! ^_^

the second track, is quite a sharp turn, a very nice piano accompanied (along with a handclapping sound) ballad, titled Baby Step. Having heard this song, i realized why Jessica wasn’t included in this ‘vocal’ aces sub-unit. As great as Jessica voice is, it wouldn’t blend well and become as harmonious as TTS alone, simply put, Sica voice was too ‘thin’ (in a good way) compared to the three deep voice. Again, you’ll hear Screaming here and there in this track.


5 tracks too go, but it looks like  i don’t have anymore airtime, for i haven’t pack my luggage for tomorrow trip to Jakarta. So, let’s continue the review next time!


Quote of the day: ‘Hamburger will accumulate in your body, and you’ll eventually die. ” -Seo Hyun-


2 thoughts on “TaeTiSeo (TTS) Twinkle Mini Album Review (Pt.1)

  1. anon says:

    I want part two! i’ve been trolling the interwebs looking for a review of the full album, but i only found this.. 😦 more!

  2. ardiwardhana says:

    Many thanks for dropping by!! ^_^.. The second part has been published now, do check it out! ^_^

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