TaeTiSeo (TTS) Twinkle Mini Album Review (Pt.2)

Hooray!! I’m back from my trip, so now it’s time to continue the review for the magnificent album of Twinkle, which have dominated Korean and international chart for the past few days. Quite amazing for a sub unit if i may say. Congrats to TTS, you deserved it!! and congrats to SM too (you must have gained hell of a money out of my goddess,kekekeke)

Also, i wanna say thanks for Anon, who dropped by earlier and left a comment in the part 1 review. For a blog with a moderate traffic such as mine, every single comment is very much appreciated. So, i dedicate this part for you, hope you enjoy it! ^_^

Now, the third track, OMG (Oh My God) is Jazz-Rock song. The first part will remind you of Chocolate Love, especially because of the trumpet (or is it sax?) sounds. But the reff will surprised you with an upbeat tone. For me, the reff sounds more like a Super Junior kind of song (a-cha for example). Quite a nice song, but not my favourite.

Continue to the fourth track, Library (i just can’t stop imagining Hyun sit in a Library, wearing glasses while reading a book for this song MV)..hehe..It’s your ‘general’ idol type song, with a fun tone and simple lyrics. Unlike the first three tracks where the girls show their singing capability, they sang Library with a more sweet and cute type of voice, just like how they mostly sound in SNSD..^_^

The fifth track, Goodbye-Hello, is probably my Favorite track in Twinkle. Again, this is a Jazz song, but compared to the rock influenced OMG, Goodbye-Hello is what i called Light Jazz. Sound of a piano accompanied all part of the song, with a catchy tune.  This is the type of song that’ll make your head nod by yourself ^_^..Their voice sound really soft and ‘comforting’ in this track. You’ll understand when you listen to it. I strongly recommend it!

TTS take us to cool down on the sixth track, Love sick. It’s a pop ballad type of song, but not as mellow as Dear mom or Time machine. It’s Hyun’s turn to scream in several part of this song, after taeyeon did it in the other track. The song itself has a really encouraging feel in it,for a comparison, it’s closest to Day by Day.

The last track is Checkmate, a really energetic rock song,with a bit of funk influence. The intro was played by a distorted electric guitar sound, and there’s a skillful solo drum in the middle of the song. If The Boys or Mr.Taxi had a rock remix treatment, maybe Checkmate is what you’d get.

For summary, Twinkle is a nice album, consist of songs from many different genre. This is TTS though, not SNSD, if i may remind you, because rather than an idol group type of song, TTS bring you a more ‘western’ feel songs, that sang by a girl vocal group (such as Destiny’s Child or Pussycat Dolls) or a soloist (like Christina Aguilera or Britney Spears). Also, most of the song bring the essence of american music in the 70’s – 80’s era, especially the Jazz, blues, and classic rock.

I think i understand the reason SM ‘gave’ these song to TTS rather than SNSD. Because of the strong ‘western’ presence, i’m sure it’ll bring some disappointment to a portion of hardcore fans of SNSD, by the reason of “they’re becoming more and more mainstream” ‘their k-pop signature keep diminishing” and other similar reasons, just like when the boys was first released. Hence TTS was formed, so SM can still attract more fans, without losing the ones they already had..kekekeke

For the sub-unit itself, as I’ve mentioned earlier, the album really meant to show the singing capability of the girls. You can tell just by counting how many times the scream (in a good way) in almost all track. So i guess there’ll be no complicated choreography for the songs, since they’ll be busy working on their lungs while singing..hehe

If you read my post until this line, then i assume you’re a fan of SNSD ^_^..so i suggest you go get it at iTunes for 6 dollars, or you can get it from yesAsia for 20$ (regular) or 40$ (with bonus). TTS hwaiting!!

PS: have you seen twinkle MV? (My Hyun grows up so fast…i really feel like an older brother who feel proud yet sad at the same time T_T)


Quote of the Day: “We’ll be gaining one good thing through losing another


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