Shoujou Jidai PAPARAZZI MV!!!!

It’s been only two weeks since TaeTiSo held their goodbye stage, leaving a super deep impression on us all, and now the three goddess have joined their 6 companion in another hit single, Paparazzi. (Damn SM, you really know how to do market activity!)

This song instantly become one of my SNSD favourite songs of all time, due to two main reason:

1. It’s in Japanese (you know why)

2. All girls but Sunny have a ponytail hair do!! for a man with a ponytail fetish such as me, this is a super sweet eye candy


The song it self is a really nice upbeat dance song, just like MR.Taxi with more wild beats, and complicated choreography. The girls keep getting sexier, though it’s nice to see another uniform section in the MV.  Here’s the original 6 minutes MV


and here’s the shorter dance version:


the best moment (in the dance version) of course is 1:14-1:17 and 2:43-2:48 *nosebleed…My Hyun really deserves more center stage..kekekekeke


Quote of the day: “Ponytail is the highest form of intersection between cute and sexy” -Bamby-



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