SNSD Korean

Next up for SMTown World Tour III, is Indonesia! Planned to land its plane at Jakarta,Sone’s dreams has finally come true … For Indonesia anyways!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Bambino!! Are you really wanna watch this? If so, I’m in! I’m a maknae fan in Kpop 😀

    -your lovely Annisa

    • ardiwardhana says:

      My beautiful Yoona, i’m afraid i can’t do that. 2.5 million is waaaaaay out of my league as of now..and based on experience, anything other than VIP is a bit ‘unworthy’..too far to see…..-_-…though i really really really really wanna see the girls in action…T_T

      • Anonymous says:

        Ya same here.. Though I told myself that my hallyu-starstruck is just temporarily, I really really wanna see them T.T

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