Day 17: Bittersweet

Seventeen again..

Al-Qariah is finished, now moving on to Al-Adiyat (war Horse)

Sucsessfully maintained a succession of 5 days mandatory prayer..three more days before a guaranteed place in Heaven (wait, where did i hear this before?) :p

Tarawih prayer also maintained at a steady pace, though still not everyday…


Now for the blogging part, Just a few hours ago, a very sweet, yet quite bitter news approached me. Yes, as you can see in the post below, SNSD is coming to Indonesia as a part of SM Town world tour, next September. It is one hell of a good news of course, for my goddess to step her feet in my country..

So this is the country where my fan who keeps post a blog about me lives…

But i don’t think i can make it to Jakarta…as unemployed as i am, i can’t afford the ticket…Based on empirical research on previous L’arc~en~ciel concert, to to rip a concert to its maximum sensation, you have to be in the best class available, purely because of the distance to the stage. When you’re in festival, you just can’t differentiate wether it’s SNSD or just the background dancer performing on the stage, and the big screen is your only hope. And i don’t want to stand for nearly 8 hours to see my idol performing on screen..i can do it back home..

The other reason is, it’s not the girl’s concert, it’s SM TOWN’s..and i’m not willing to sell my PS3 for Siwon, or Boa, or Yunho, and the other group…So for now, i just hope that the concert will be a blast, and SM decide to hold the girl’s concert some months later..^_^…

SNSD Korean

It’s now: Girl’s Generation!

Quote of the Day: “If you want everything, you’ll end up with nothing” -Lulu-


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