Day 18: Declining

I’ve been missing two Dzuhur prayer today and yesterday, thanks to excessive sleeping….not good..

Though tarawih prayer is still regularly maintained

No progress on Al-Adiyat either…

I neep some serious improvement..

Meanwhile, here is a picture from 9gag that really awes me earlier:

Illuminati card game


More explanation can be found here:

Quote of the day: “As above, so below” -Freemason Proverb


6 thoughts on “Day 18: Declining

  1. didiidid says:

    As far as I know, the last card doesn’t tell us about what’s gonna happen in London, but what’s had happened in Japan.That building isn’t Big Ben, but Ginza Wako Tower in Japan, you can google it, if i am not mistaken, this picture depicts earthquake disaster followed by Nuclear meltdown last year (?) *well, am not sure about this either, i just read some articles.. kinda confusing..

    • ardiwardhana says:

      Yes yes, you’re right Didi, after i post this, i read that that’s not Big Ben, but the wako tower. thanks for the update..:D

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