A late Mubarak

Writing in the ‘new post’ page after a while have always been a pleasant experience….if my memory serves me correctly, its been around thirty something days since my last post…what a lazy ass…:p

Well actually, I’ve been meaning to write a conclusion for my Ramadhan Journal series, but as most of you have predicted, i failed to deliver, hence Day 18 is the last post in the series. As much as i want to wrote something on Eid Mubarak, i was struck down by a regular illness ass soon as the Eid prayer finished, the ‘Throat Invader’. Yes, i don’t know why, but i have a long and winding relation with my throat, for it always acted up several times in a year. And among 365 days available, it chose to begin the upheaval right on the Eid Mubarak…nice one Throat! And believe it or not, it’s still continue the riot up till now. I’m typing this sentences while having a constant cough, though it’s waaaaay more better than some week ago.

So, as always, let me say my favorite cliche phrase on this blog: “Please expect to see more post in the upcoming days”..kekekeke

And as late as it may be, Happy Eid Mubarak to all Moslems in the World (i don’t know about you guys on other planet, but on Earth, the celebration was on 20th August). May Allah grant forgiveness and salvation to us all, and allow us to live long enough to undergo the next Ramadhan.



Quote of the Day: “What doesn’t kill you, make you stronger……..after they did some serious shit”


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