Thank God Hyun didn’t have to wear bra top…^_^

SNSD Korean

Warning -Media Heavy

[Update] -Yuri’s Teaser + more photos

[Update2] -Sunny and Fany’s Teasers + more photos + news

[Update3] -Seohyun and Yoona’s Teasers + video teaser + album tracklist

[Update4] -Hyoyeon’s Teaser + Group Shot (Photo)

[Update5] -Jessica’s Teaser + Dance Teaser

[Update6] -Sooyoung’s Teaser + Romantic Fantasy Teaser

[Update 7] – ‘I Got A Boy’ Album First Look~ (Funky)

Girls’ Generation’s 4th Album “I Got a Boy” is set to be released January 2nd, 2013, and their comeback will be on New Years Day, January 1st! That’s little more than a week away! What a great way to start off the year!

[Update] Now it has been confirmed that Girls’ Generation’s special comeback stage on MBC called Romantic Fantasy will be aired on January 1st at 11:15PM KST and will last for 1 hour 20 minutes! Check out the teaser below!

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