‘Not so Little’ Sister

My girlfriend keep complaining about me how this blog is too ‘SNSD biased’. You all fellow SONE know what to do in this kind of situation right?

POST MORE ABOUT THE GIRLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

Besides, what’s more appropriate than a post about soshi for the comeback stage of Imaginaction? Actually I already write a draft of this post since 2 months ago, but most of you know how busy I was these past few months, thanks to my newly earned job. Yes, I wrote this post at 28th June, celebrating the one and only Seo Joo Hyun 22nd birthday! Yayy!!!!

My Notebook Wallpaper. She's always a sight to behold between all my excel and word worksheet. :D

My Notebook Wallpaper. She’s always a sight to behold between all my excel and word worksheet. 😀

Hmmm, you all know to well about her already, since there are already heavy doses of admiration and compliment from me in this blog. So lets not go over that and go straight to the birthday wishes.

My Twinkle album, with seohyun Photocard. Took quite a while for me to get a hand on this :D

My Twinkle album, with seohyun Photocard. Took quite a while for me to get a hand on this 😀

At first, just like the most male Seomates out there, I have this ‘ultra hyper delusion, which I want to have a girlfriend like seo hyun, and I’m gonna marry her one day. So I always look at her as unreachable crush, a destination, an idol, an unspoken love. But during these 2 years of k-pop infection, that feeling has changed. The ‘boy-girl love’ has transformed into a compassionate care (not that I know is this term exist). Watching her grow from one MV to another, from shy girl in Into the New World, to the shy gorgeus lady in Time Machine, I consider her like a little sister that I never had the chance to have. I’m really happy when she got an award, when she post a selca, and damn I was worried when I saw the sexy concept for I got a boy, more worried that she’ll get a role in a drama (I’m worried about the possibility of the cursed kissing scene), that feeling of anxiety you have as abig brother, watching his little sister keep growing and distant herself from you , a happy yet sad and lonely feeling.

Photocard collection

Photocard collection

I Got A Boy Seo Hyun Cover, pre-ordered it straight from Seoul :D. Considering how bias fans in indonesia toward Taeyeon Tiffany and Yoona.

I Got A Boy Seo Hyun Cover, pre-ordered it straight from Seoul :D. Considering how bias fans in indonesia toward Taeyeon Tiffany and Yoona.

Despite all that, You’re still and always will be the number 1 girl in the world Hyun. I start to eat vegetables, eat less junk food, always wear seatbelt, and apply many more upright lifestyle thanks to you. Whatever happens, I’ll support you till the end, whatever you;ll become,  A soshi, a generous cooking Mom, sweet potato farmer,  or a UN Secretary General. 😀



Quote of the day: ” Every man wants her, every woman wants to be like her” -some magazine article, referring to Seo Hyun-


Tiffany’s gorgeous floral-themed photoshoot for CeCi’s August issue

SNSD Korean

August-birthday-girl Tiffany was chosen as CeCi magazine’s covergirl for their August issue. Below is the cover-story shoot, wherein Tiffany is a stunning homeless woman who is living out of a garden and therefore spends all her time around plants. I’m kidding, I think they just thought ‘pretty girl. flowers. originality.’ And that was that. Theme aside, babycakes looks absolutely drop-dead and let’s just allow ourselves to be healed by her beauty.

snsd tiffany cecisnsd tiffany ceci 2

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Tiffany should just get an instagram instead of changing her UFO profile pic every other day.

For my second favorite Soshi 😀

SNSD Korean

It seems that Tiffany has just as many photos to share as any of the instagramming SNSD members and has changed her UFO profile picture multiple times over the recent days. Here’s a compilation of all her posts starting late June.

19th June, posted while SNSD were in Japan for the flashmob event.

tiffany ufo 1
June 25th, Tiffany’s “Young” henna tattoo that she got while on vaycay.

tiffany ufo 2

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Seohyun shows off the newest SoShiDog

SNSD Korean

Seohyun recently uploaded the following pictures onto the official Girls’ Generation website accompanied with the message;

“Hi hi~ This is Seohyun! There was an addition to Seohyun’s family yesterday!! Heh.  The name of this very small, white kid is Dubu~!^^ The way it jumps around with its hand-sized body is really loveable~Ooh. It seemed like a waste seeing it by myself, so I’m sharing it like this ♥”~

“Dubu” = tofu.
And one more cutiefluff joins the ranks of the exclusive and revered SoShidogs club! If anybody is wondering why all the SoShidogs are so tiny, it’s because in South Korea only ‘toy’ dogs (bred to be small and cute) are kept as pets. Large dogs are much less common and aren’t likely to be seen off the farm.
cr. ch0sshi, smtown

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Seo Joo-Hyun, President of the Universe. #HappyBirthdaySeohyun #서현아생일축하해

SNSD Korean

“People with good hearts are the ultimate winners.”

Among the ladies of Girls’ Generation, there are members who worry about boys and members who worry about healthy skin. There are members who like clothes, there are members who like food. There are members who enjoy manicures, members who enjoy playing with dogs, and members who just want to sleep.

And there is one member, amidst this chaotic swirl of girly thoughts, who worries about public health, likes historical preservation, enjoys a good auto-biography or self-help book, and preaches love and world peace. Her name is Seo Joohyun and one day, she will be the president of the universe.


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Seohyun & Super Junior’s Kyuhyun release a Couple Song

SNSD Korean


and Kyuhyun who are both models for SK Telecom (along with Yoona and f(x)’s Sulli), recently recorded the “T’ple Couple Song” together for advertising purposes. SK Telecom uploaded the following video to their youtube channel, in which Seohyun and Kyuhyun both look mighty fine and adorable. Congratulations SeoKyu shippers?

Excuse me, I have to go laugh at this song now. Pfffttt……..

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